Chris, owner of Morchella Productions,  has filmed and produced dozens of How-To DVD's for mushroom hunting and identification, wild edible mushroom and plant cuisine, and many  others involving wild edible mushrooms and plants. Chris also has produced and edited over 200 YouTube videos with well over 5 million hits. He also has a weekly video mushroom report online as well as a series based mushroom cuisine cooking blog.

     Chris has had the Morel Mushroom Hunting Club since 1999. He has over 1500 members. Chris has appeared on the Travel Channel in an episode of "Cash and Treasures" with Kirsten Gum, which was a Morel Mushroom Hunting episode that took place in Wisconsin and Michigan. He also appeared on the History Channel's "Modern Marvels", and episode called Mold and Fungi.

      Chris now has his own show on the National Geographic Channel called "Filthy Riches". The first episode appeared on Nat Geo April 20th, 2014. There are 8 episodes in season one, and 8 in season two. You can view episodes on Netflix and YouTube.

     Chris is also a chef, and has written a cookbook and another on the way, He also wrote "Morel Mushroom Hunting Secrets" which is available online and also as a Kindle download.

     Chris does guided mushroom hunts all over the country, and even in Europe! These are called "forays", in which he takes groups out and teaches what is edible and where to find them, including edible wild plants. On the second day, he cooks up a huge 5***** feast for everyone to enjoy. You can book these myco-trips on his website

    Chris has several other websites as well, and has put all of his passions into them. He has a deep love for wildflowers, and started the Wildflower Society in which members can trade local wildflowers, post to forums, and do wildflower rescue locations due to construction sites.

      Another one of Chris's sites is Chris's father hunted ginseng as a kid in the hills of Kentucky, and when Chris came along, he and his dad raised ginseng from seeds. is a site dedicated to ginseng hunters, and has a forum where hunters can post finds and buyers can connect with diggers.

     Finally, Chris has started a network of wild mushroom pickers, buyers, chefs, and they all can connect. Chris buys and sells mushrooms, and wild edible plants like fiddleheads and ramps. He has distributors selling to restaurants, farmers markets, and to individuals.

     Chris is working with a mycologist to grow Morels indoors, and plans on building a huge facility to do so, not just morels, but many other wild mushrooms. He also is working on a mushroom drink, kind of like 5 hour energy but with mushrooms, that drank a few times a week will build your immune system and you will  not contract a cold or flu! Chris has not been sick in over 10 years! He also wants to start an online mycology degree course! As you can see, he is one busy man and doesn't seem to stop! If you would like to contact Chris, do so by email at



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